Relaxaurus Lux

One day, Relaxaurus had an idea. Maybe it was about time for a change. Just then, an electric shock raced through its body!


Long ago, it was a large and powerful aquatic Pal.As food became scarce it evolved to live on land.Since walking requires much energy, it gradually […]

Gobfin Ignis

Once upon a time, it was a giant and powerful aquatic Pal. However, with the dwindling availability of food, it ventured onto land. As a […]


Long ago Direhowl would hunt alongside humans but over the years this bond faded.


Compared to Lamball, it has finer wool and a temperament more suited for domestication. However, it has historically been kept as a pet. Cuteness is […]


Wild Rooby surprisingly never get sick. Eating one piece of charcoal a day, made by burning a branch, is the secret to its eternal health.