In ancient times, it was a familiar subject for painting because of its beautiful and majestic appearance. Fenglope is an endangered species, the “Fenglope” whose […]


Melpaca serve this Pal. Contests between Kingpaca offer up their vassals as a wager. Those seen alone are losers of such contests.

Ice Kingpaca

With a heart of ice, this Pal is terrible at expressing its emotions. A solitary individual is pitiable, seen as too clumsy in the eyes […]


The vegetation on its back varies between individuals. There is a long history of appreciating this veritable garden of a Pal, and there are even […]

Mammorest Cryst

The vegetation on its back varies from individual to individual. There was a time when seeds of presumed extinct plants were found still frozen on […]


With the power of shadows it produces arcane phenomena. It prefers to eat food raw and is particularly hostile towards Wixen


Land that Verdash has run across becomes extremely fertile, with thick vegetation growing there soon after. It will not run anywhere that herbicide has been […]


It possesses a demeanor as pure as its appearance suggests. Perhaps because of this, it is sometimes unable to discern good from evil, often allowing […]


The melodies of a flute made from the exoskeleton of a Vanwyrm are said to cross the whole mountain ranges. In ages past, such flutes […]


It can control those who carelessly stare into its eyes. Those seen with a Lunaris are in its mind, simply under its control.