Elphidran Aqua

It possesses a demeanor as pure as its appearance suggests. Perhaps because of this, it harbors no ill will in any of its actions and […]

Vanwyrm Cryst

The Melodies of a flute made from the exoskeleton of a Vanwyrm Cryst are said to cross whole mountain ranges. In ages past, such flutes […]


In ancient times, carnivorous Pals pursued them relentlessly. The Arsox’s irrational rage transformed into a raging inferno, which has been passed on to this day.


When too relaxed, its reaction time drastically declines.Even if it were sliced from head to tail, it probably wouldn’t even realize that it should be […]


Surprisingly, it is unrelated to Pengullet. Ever wanting to be the center of attention, this Pal will strut its stuff for any onlookers.