Forbidden existence born of madness. As he lost his genetic relationship with the other Pals, he may no longer be considered one of them.


Once he and Paladius were a single species. They say it is the manifestation of negative feelings, but the depths of their eyes contain traces […]

Frostallion Noct

Guardian deity of Palpagos Island known as the Night Caller. In the past, when a calamity struck the land, it soared into the sky and […]

Lyleen Noct

An elegant Pal full of grace. It admonishes any who are disrespectful with a painful slap. Some Pals actively seek out this punishment.


Attacking from the shadows, this Pal traps its prey within its cloak-like wings. It’s probably best not to know what happens within them, or why […]


It calls forth lightning from the depths of hell. One who dies from Helzephyr’s inferno is sure to be sent to the underworld.


Being made of pure energy, its insides are completely hollow. This Pal crams still-living prey into its hollow body, where it absorbs them. Hellish screams […]


With the power of shadows it produces arcane phenomena. It prefers to eat food raw and is particularly hostile towards Wixen


Often appears out of the blue to flaunt its prized wings in front of other Pals.Although it seems to be an intimidation tactic, the Pal […]


It relishes the peculiar scent living things give off when they are near death. If a Mariath has taken a liking to you. It is […]