Once seen as a symbol of nobility, and an idol for those who shunned wealth and power. Yet over time, this Pal became a token […]


The ultra-hard armor surrounding its body is extremely strong and heat resistant. Even a napalm blast would hardly leave a scratch.


A walking contradiction, possessing the strongest shell and the only drill capable of piercing it. “Digtoise’s Fable” is a popular children’s tale.

Surfent Terra

Its aerodynamic form is well suited to life on the sand. Poachers often catch them and use them in place of surfboards


When too relaxed, its reaction time drastically declines.Even if it were sliced from head to tail, it probably wouldn’t even realize that it should be […]

Eikthyrdeer Terra

The individual with the hardest horns becomes the leader. Once the horns are lost, so too is the leadership status. It leaves the herd admist […]


Its gigantic arms can rip apart even iron. As a particularly cruel form of execution, serious criminals would be strung up in a public square, […]


Being extremely aggressive Pal, it often picks fights before gauging its opponent’s strength. Though small, its powerful charge can even send boulders flying.


Its large claws boast of diamond-like hardness. However, sharpening these claws consumes most of its energy, leading it to sometimes spending entire days doing nothing […]