With a friendly smile and a hardy physique, it is docile towards one it recognizes as a partner. For reasons unexplained, its personality undergoes a […]


Some think it is a related species to Ragnahawk, but there is in fact no connection. Using its sharp beak, it descends on its prey […]


Often kind to lonely pals. However, the moment a Pal mistakes this for actual companionship, it seizes the opportunity to blast them with a thunderbolt.

Dinossom Lux

Though struck by lightning, it lives on. The phrase “struck by a Dinossom Lux’s bolt” has come to mean narrowly escaping death.


It used to be considered an emissary of the Thunder God, and thus was not hunted by people. However, after witnesses osberved one die from […]


At full speed, it could be mistaken for a bolt of lightning. If two Rayhounds collide, the sound is like that of a powerful thunderclap.

Mossanda Lux

A Pal whose power is truly shocking. By altering the electrical currents in its body, this Pal’s been able to overload its own strength. When […]


Releases the electricity stored in it’s body when under attack, producing a shock that can be over 10 million volts. If thrown, it can even […]


During the dry season, this Pal is always on the verge of blowing a fuse, Sparks can fly with even the slightest provocation even amongst […]