Guardian deity of Palpagos Island, known as the Winter Caller. In the past, when a calamity struck the land, it soared into the sky and […]


Researchers once tried to shave off its hair to reveal its true form. In the end, only hair was left, as if that was all […]

Ice Reptyro

Ice cold blood runs throughout its body. If heated rapidly, its blood evaporates, causing an immense vapor explosion.

Ice Kingpaca

With a heart of ice, this Pal is terrible at expressing its emotions. A solitary individual is pitiable, seen as too clumsy in the eyes […]

Mammorest Cryst

The vegetation on its back varies from individual to individual. There was a time when seeds of presumed extinct plants were found still frozen on […]


It can easily climb steep mountains with its hard claws. However, its short legs make it difficult to descend, often leaving it stranded in high […]


A Pal that likes the rain,and will often bask in rain showers until the weather clears up. On rainy days, Foxparks can often be found […]

Vanwyrm Cryst

The Melodies of a flute made from the exoskeleton of a Vanwyrm Cryst are said to cross whole mountain ranges. In ages past, such flutes […]


While hibernating, a large number of Swee hide within its voluminous body hair.The most ever recorded is 101.


It can curl up its body and roll around at extremely high speeds.Long ago, people would tie bags of milk to domesticated Chillet as they […]