In the past, he and Necromus were a single species. They say that they are an existence that has freed themselves from all negative feelings, […]


In ancient times, it was a familiar subject for painting because of its beautiful and majestic appearance. Fenglope is an endangered species, the “Fenglope” whose […]


Melpaca serve this Pal. Contests between Kingpaca offer up their vassals as a wager. Those seen alone are losers of such contests.


Seeking a night of love, it is always chasing someone around. At first, it only showed interest in other Pals, but in recent years even […]


It can control those who carelessly stare into its eyes. Those seen with a Lunaris are in its mind, simply under its control.


A Pal that can easily take flight even while grasping a human. It is, however, prone to letting go when tired, which has led to […]


It beats the ground rhythmically to communicate with its comrades. The meaning of each rhythm differs by troop, but the distinction between them is still […]


Grintale’s eyes light up the moment anyone enters its territory.This is no figure of speech-its eyes literally light up.


The one who possesses the most impressive antlers becomes the leader of the herd. If their antlers are broken, they become depressed and leave the […]


It carries newborn Pals to its nest and raises them as a surrogate parent. Once the baby Pal has fattened up, it hunts them.