When it finds its prey it unleashes a whirlwind of flames, burning the entire area to ash. Faleris breath is known for its pleasing scent.


It sends electricity into its foes’ wounds, roasting them from the inside out. Fights between Orserk end in the blink of an eye.


Legends say it was born during a volcanic eruption. A strange group even claims that this continent is laid upon the back of a giant […]


It calls forth lightning from the depths of hell. One who dies from Helzephyr’s inferno is sure to be sent to the underworld.


A savage beast born of the abyss. Thou shall not stand before the beast. Thou shall not heed the beast.


Being made of pure energy, its insides are completely hollow. This Pal crams still-living prey into its hollow body, where it absorbs them. Hellish screams […]


Attacking from the shadows, this Pal traps its prey within its cloak-like wings. It’s probably best not to know what happens within them, or why […]


It can easily climb steep mountains with its hard claws. However, its short legs make it difficult to descend, often leaving it stranded in high […]


A pal that transforms into a massive plant when at the end of its life. Once every ten years, a beautiful flower blooms and a […]


The castle was filled with the king’s favorite flowers. A great battle ensued, and flames approached the castle. Amidst the chaos, the spirit of a […]