Look over the island of Palpagos from the ends of the sky. When the calamity awakens again, splitting the earth and setting the heavens on […]


A docile Pal full of love.It watches over small Pals who have lost their parents. It uses a full-power Solar Blast to discipline naughty Pals.

Lyleen Noct

An elegant Pal full of grace. It admonishes any who are disrespectful with a painful slap. Some Pals actively seek out this punishment.


In ancient times, it was a familiar subject for painting because of its beautiful and majestic appearance. Fenglope is an endangered species, the “Fenglope” whose […]


Magma-like blood runs throughout its body. If a large amount of water is thrown on it, this water rapidly heats, causing an immense vapor explosion.

Ice Reptyro

Ice cold blood runs throughout its body. If heated rapidly, its blood evaporates, causing an immense vapor explosion.


Contrary to its blas√© appearance, it’s quite ferocious.It perceives everything in its sight as prey and will stop at nothing to devour it.

Relaxaurus Lux

One day, Relaxaurus had an idea. Maybe it was about time for a change. Just then, an electric shock raced through its body!


A Pal that likes the rain,and will often bask in rain showers until the weather clears up. On rainy days, Foxparks can often be found […]


It possesses a demeanor as pure as its appearance suggests. Perhaps because of this, it is sometimes unable to discern good from evil, often allowing […]