Its personality changes depending on the quality of the water it was born into. Kelpsea born into polluted waters are generally ill-tempered and quickly become […]

Kelpsea Ignis

Their personalities change depending on the temperature of the water where they were born. Kelpsea born in warm waters generally have a passionate, motivated personality.


Often kind to lonely pals. However, the moment a Pal mistakes this for actual companionship, it seizes the opportunity to blast them with a thunderbolt.


Sniffing its scales produces a feeling of unparalleled euphoria.There was some effort to further regulate this byproduct, but the Free Pal Alliance have vehemently opposed […]


Its entire body is 18,000 times sweeter than sugar.Carnivorous Pals lured by its scent will find themselves overwhelmed by sweetness and even pass out should […]


Its hard tail does not deteriorate even when cut off. Some believed these severed tails to be good luck, but for the innumerable Mau who […]

Mau Cryst

Its crystalline tail is beautiful, but shatters when this Pal dies. Some believe it is good luck to raise one, so Mau Cryst in captivity […]

Jolthog Cryst

It releases cold air stored in its body when under attack. The frigid blast it radiates is cold enough to freeze the surrounding air and […]


A strange Pal with a body resembling tree sap. It gradually loses strength if it has nothing to cover its body with, eventually rotting away.


The idol of Palpagos Island. If you bully a Vixy, you best be prepared to become enemies with the whole world.