It relishes the peculiar scent living things give off when they are near death. If a Mariath has taken a liking to you. It is […]


A Pal that can easily take flight even while grasping a human. It is, however, prone to letting go when tired, which has led to […]


Long ago it freely soared the skies. After losing a contest with Galeclaw, it abandoned the skies and now lives a quiet nocturnal life.


A Pal who’s never without a bright smile. Occasionally, it gets its tentacles tied up in knots by Cattiva’s pranks. During those moments, its expression […]


It prefers places that have an abundance of vegetation, but hay fever has apparently become a problem for Flopie as of late.


If you find Nox hair in your bedding, you should leave it where it lays and leave immediately. Picking it up is a one-way-ticket to […]


Wild Rooby surprisingly never get sick. Eating one piece of charcoal a day, made by burning a branch, is the secret to its eternal health.


Intelligent as a five to sever-year-old human child. It makes a wonderful partner, but there have been more than a few cases where they’ve killed […]