In the past, he and Necromus were a single species. They say that they are an existence that has freed themselves from all negative feelings, […]


In ancient times, it was a familiar subject for painting because of its beautiful and majestic appearance. Fenglope is an endangered species, the “Fenglope” whose […]


Contrary to its blas√© appearance, it’s quite ferocious.It perceives everything in its sight as prey and will stop at nothing to devour it.

Relaxaurus Lux

One day, Relaxaurus had an idea. Maybe it was about time for a change. Just then, an electric shock raced through its body!


Often kind to lonely pals. However, the moment a Pal mistakes this for actual companionship, it seizes the opportunity to blast them with a thunderbolt.


It used to be considered an emissary of the Thunder God, and thus was not hunted by people. However, after witnesses osberved one die from […]


It’s entire body has evolved into a highly efficient radiator, gifting it with astounding stamina.When someone has mounted it, this Pal takes caution not to […]

Pyrin Noct

It burns mysterious dark matter as energy and expels the remaining particles from its body.If someone rides it, they should take care so as not […]


It beats the ground rhythmically to communicate with its comrades. The meaning of each rhythm differs by troop, but the distinction between them is still […]


Long ago Direhowl would hunt alongside humans but over the years this bond faded.