With a friendly smile and a hardy physique, it is docile towards one it recognizes as a partner. For reasons unexplained, its personality undergoes a […]


Sleeping while cuddling a Quivern is said to be a heavenly experience, but there are some who have been crushed and sent to heaven by […]


Being made of pure energy, its insides are completely hollow. This Pal crams still-living prey into its hollow body, where it absorbs them. Hellish screams […]


The ultra-hard armor surrounding its body is extremely strong and heat resistant. Even a napalm blast would hardly leave a scratch.


It can easily climb steep mountains with its hard claws. However, its short legs make it difficult to descend, often leaving it stranded in high […]


Contrary to its blas√© appearance, it’s quite ferocious.It perceives everything in its sight as prey and will stop at nothing to devour it.


The castle was filled with the king’s favorite flowers. A great battle ensued, and flames approached the castle. Amidst the chaos, the spirit of a […]


This Pal’s white ribbon turns black if doused with impure water. Given its usefulness in detecting poison, this Pal was once overhunted. This past has […]


It can control those who carelessly stare into its eyes. Those seen with a Lunaris are in its mind, simply under its control.


At full speed, it could be mistaken for a bolt of lightning. If two Rayhounds collide, the sound is like that of a powerful thunderclap.