A docile Pal full of love.It watches over small Pals who have lost their parents. It uses a full-power Solar Blast to discipline naughty Pals.

Lyleen Noct

An elegant Pal full of grace. It admonishes any who are disrespectful with a painful slap. Some Pals actively seek out this punishment.


In ancient times, it was a familiar subject for painting because of its beautiful and majestic appearance. Fenglope is an endangered species, the “Fenglope” whose […]


While it prefers raw meat, it always ends up eating well-done meat. This is due to its blistering claws, which it uses as its weapon—it […]

Relaxaurus Lux

One day, Relaxaurus had an idea. Maybe it was about time for a change. Just then, an electric shock raced through its body!


With the power of light, it produces arcane phenomena. It prefers to eat food well-done and is particularly hostile towards Katress.