Its personality changes depending on the quality of the water it was born into. Kelpsea born into polluted waters are generally ill-tempered and quickly become […]

Kelpsea Ignis

Their personalities change depending on the temperature of the water where they were born. Kelpsea born in warm waters generally have a passionate, motivated personality.


Seeking a night of love, it is always chasing someone around. At first, it only showed interest in other Pals, but in recent years even […]


When it starts crying, this Pal produces magma in place of tears. The magma that pours out is absorbed back into its body, causing it […]


When too relaxed, its reaction time drastically declines.Even if it were sliced from head to tail, it probably wouldn’t even realize that it should be […]


Its entire body is 18,000 times sweeter than sugar.Carnivorous Pals lured by its scent will find themselves overwhelmed by sweetness and even pass out should […]


The shrub on this pal’s back produces berries as long as it is properly fed. It offers these berries to potential mates, and if the […]


Its gigantic arms can rip apart even iron. As a particularly cruel form of execution, serious criminals would be strung up in a public square, […]


Being extremely aggressive Pal, it often picks fights before gauging its opponent’s strength. Though small, its powerful charge can even send boulders flying.


Riding the wind, this Pal travels where it pleases. Should it find a partner along the way, the encounter will mark its journey’s end.