Don’t be fooled by its fluffy appearance. A hypersonic kick from one of its long legs may send you flying to the other side of […]


A frightening Pal that produces exploding eggs. It often fires these eggs from its rear end as a weapon, but when spent the Pal itself […]

Jolthog Cryst

It releases cold air stored in its body when under attack. The frigid blast it radiates is cold enough to freeze the surrounding air and […]


It puts those it is interested in to sleep and shows them an endless stream of happy dreams. Those who fall under its spell are […]


It is unskilled at controlling fire from the moment it is born and tends to choke on the flames it breathes unintentionally. Foxparks sneezes are […]


During the dry season, this Pal is always on the verge of blowing a fuse, Sparks can fly with even the slightest provocation even amongst […]


The feathers of this Pal have all but disappeared, but sadly, its desire to fly has remained as strong as ever. Even now, it tries […]


Releases the electricity stored in it’s body when under attack, producing a shock that can be over 10 million volts. If thrown, it can even […]