The vegetation on its back varies between individuals. There is a long history of appreciating this veritable garden of a Pal, and there are even […]

Mammorest Cryst

The vegetation on its back varies from individual to individual. There was a time when seeds of presumed extinct plants were found still frozen on […]


Melpaca serve this Pal. Contests between Kingpaca offer up their vassals as a wager. Those seen alone are losers of such contests.

Ice Kingpaca

With a heart of ice, this Pal is terrible at expressing its emotions. A solitary individual is pitiable, seen as too clumsy in the eyes […]


A Pal who once angered cannot be pacified. It rages on and on like an inferno. The prahse “step on a Dinossom’s tail” has come […]


Its transparent cerulean antlers glow with the cold of absolute zero. Any who touch them with their bare hands are instantly frozen over and smashed […]


A Pal that can easily take flight even while grasping a human. It is, however, prone to letting go when tired, which has led to […]


If you find Nox hair in your bedding, you should leave it where it lays and leave immediately. Picking it up is a one-way-ticket to […]