Its scent drastically changes before and after pairing. It exudes a pleasing aroma after finding a partner, which is called the “fragrance of first love.”


A Pal that likes the rain,and will often bask in rain showers until the weather clears up. On rainy days, Foxparks can often be found […]

Dinossom Lux

Though struck by lightning, it lives on. The phrase “struck by a Dinossom Lux’s bolt” has come to mean narrowly escaping death.


Its hydrodynamic form is well suited to life in water.Poachers often catch them and use them in place of surfboards.

Surfent Terra

Its aerodynamic form is well suited to life on the sand. Poachers often catch them and use them in place of surfboards


While hibernating, a large number of Swee hide within its voluminous body hair.The most ever recorded is 101.


A servant that pledges loyalty to Elizabee.Any that cause harm to the queen are immediately expelled from the hive.It will gladly give its life to […]


A Pal so powerful it’s hard to believe. In one experiment, this Pal tore through 3,000 sheets of paper at once! It’s only by some […]


Long ago, it was a large and powerful aquatic Pal.As food became scarce it evolved to live on land.Since walking requires much energy, it gradually […]

Gobfin Ignis

Once upon a time, it was a giant and powerful aquatic Pal. However, with the dwindling availability of food, it ventured onto land. As a […]