Broncherry Aqua

Its scent drastically changes before and after pairing. It exudes a pleasing aroma before finding a partner, which is called the “perfume of purity.”


A pal that transforms into a massive plant when at the end of its life. Once every ten years, a beautiful flower blooms and a […]


A walking contradiction, possessing the strongest shell and the only drill capable of piercing it. “Digtoise’s Fable” is a popular children’s tale.


Often appears out of the blue to flaunt its prized wings in front of other Pals.Although it seems to be an intimidation tactic, the Pal […]

Pyrin Noct

It burns mysterious dark matter as energy and expels the remaining particles from its body.If someone rides it, they should take care so as not […]


On nights when the aurora is visible, it looks up towards the sky and begins to howl a beautiful song. This does, however, leave it […]


It’s entire body has evolved into a highly efficient radiator, gifting it with astounding stamina.When someone has mounted it, this Pal takes caution not to […]


It beats the ground rhythmically to communicate with its comrades. The meaning of each rhythm differs by troop, but the distinction between them is still […]


In ancient times, carnivorous Pals pursued them relentlessly. The Arsox’s irrational rage transformed into a raging inferno, which has been passed on to this day.


Long ago it freely soared the skies. After losing a contest with Galeclaw, it abandoned the skies and now lives a quiet nocturnal life.