Jormuntide Ignis

Legend says the Jormuntide Ignis was once a warrior who, after being wrongly convicted and cast into a volcano, returned as this Pal to destroy […]


Attacking from the shadows, this Pal traps its prey within its cloak-like wings. It’s probably best not to know what happens within them, or why […]


Legends says the Jormuntide was once a wise man, who after being wrongly convicted and cast into a whirlpool, returned as this Pal to destroy […]


Melpaca serve this Pal. Contests between Kingpaca offer up their vassals as a wager. Those seen alone are losers of such contests.

Ice Kingpaca

With a heart of ice, this Pal is terrible at expressing its emotions. A solitary individual is pitiable, seen as too clumsy in the eyes […]


A pal that transforms into a massive plant when at the end of its life. Once every ten years, a beautiful flower blooms and a […]


Land that Verdash has run across becomes extremely fertile, with thick vegetation growing there soon after. It will not run anywhere that herbicide has been […]


A Pal who once angered cannot be pacified. It rages on and on like an inferno. The prahse “step on a Dinossom’s tail” has come […]

Dinossom Lux

Though struck by lightning, it lives on. The phrase “struck by a Dinossom Lux’s bolt” has come to mean narrowly escaping death.


Its transparent cerulean antlers glow with the cold of absolute zero. Any who touch them with their bare hands are instantly frozen over and smashed […]