Attacking from the shadows, this Pal traps its prey within its cloak-like wings. It’s probably best not to know what happens within them, or why […]


Once seen as a symbol of nobility, and an idol for those who shunned wealth and power. Yet over time, this Pal became a token […]


A pal that transforms into a massive plant when at the end of its life. Once every ten years, a beautiful flower blooms and a […]


With the power of light, it produces arcane phenomena. It prefers to eat food well-done and is particularly hostile towards Katress.


Land that Verdash has run across becomes extremely fertile, with thick vegetation growing there soon after. It will not run anywhere that herbicide has been […]


The castle was filled with the king’s favorite flowers. A great battle ensued, and flames approached the castle. Amidst the chaos, the spirit of a […]


With the power of shadows it produces arcane phenomena. It prefers to eat food raw and is particularly hostile towards Wixen


A walking contradiction, possessing the strongest shell and the only drill capable of piercing it. “Digtoise’s Fable” is a popular children’s tale.


Often appears out of the blue to flaunt its prized wings in front of other Pals.Although it seems to be an intimidation tactic, the Pal […]


Its body becomes a blade upon death, to be taken up by the next generation. If someone other than a Bushi wields this blade, the […]