Riding the wind, this Pal travels where it pleases. Should it find a partner along the way, the encounter will mark its journey’s end.

Entry: Paldeck entry #25

Partner Skill: Zephyr Glider - While in team, can be summed and used instead of a glider. Allows you to move quickly for long periods of time while gliding with this Pal.

Work Suitability:


Drops & Items:

PalFluid1 - 2

More Celaray Data

Hp: 80
Defense: 80
Melee Attack: 100
Ranged Attack: 70
Support: 100
Stamina: 100
Walk Speed: 150
Run Speed: 550
Ride Speed: 700
Male %: 50
Female %: 50
AssetID: FlyingManta
Paldeck No: 25
Genus: other
Size: m
Rarity: Common
Base Price: 2860
Element 1: water
Element 2: none