Eikthyrdeer Terra

The individual with the hardest horns becomes the leader. Once the horns are lost, so too is the leadership status. It leaves the herd admist farewell glances and quietly returns to the earth.

Entry: Paldeck entry #37

Partner Skill: Guardian of the Golden Forest - Can be ridden. Can preform a double jump while mounted. Increases efficiency of cutting trees.

Work Suitability:


Drops & Items:

Meat_Deer2 - 2
Leather2 - 3
Horn2 - 2

More Eikthyrdeer Terra Data

Hp: 95
Defense: 80
Melee Attack: 70
Ranged Attack: 80
Support: 100
Stamina: 100
Walk Speed: 120
Run Speed: 700
Ride Speed: 900
Male %: 50
Female %: 50
AssetID: Deer_Ground
Paldeck No: 37
Genus: fourlegged
Size: l
Rarity: Rare
Base Price: 2680
Element 1: earth
Element 2: none