Being made of pure energy, its insides are completely hollow. This Pal crams still-living prey into its hollow body, where it absorbs them. Hellish screams of pain can often be heard coming from inside this Pal.

Entry: Paldeck entry #99

Partner Skill: Steel Scorpion - When fighting together, increases the player's defense and Electric Pals drop more items when defeated.

Work Suitability:


Drops & Items:

Coal10 - 10
Venom5 - 10

More Menasting Data

Hp: 100
Defense: 130
Melee Attack: 100
Ranged Attack: 100
Support: 100
Stamina: 100
Walk Speed: 200
Run Speed: 1000
Ride Speed: 1200
Male %: 50
Female %: 50
AssetID: DarkScorpion
Paldeck No: 99
Genus: other
Size: l
Rarity: Epic
Base Price: 7050
Element 1: dark
Element 2: earth